“Above All Else, Know Thyself”

know thyself

Socrates innit; dedicated his life to finding the truth.  Life lived in wonder, seeking wisdom from the unknown and all that malarkey.  I am 41 and still don’t know thyself – I still think about those people at school who knew at age 10 they wanted to be a vet, or an accountant, or fisherman…and became exactly that.

I reckon administrative jobs were created just for people who have no idea what they want to be in life.  So easy to sit at that computer and push the papers around, get the paycheck, pay your rent, save a bit (HA!), go on your holidays, do up your house, get that VW Golf etcetera.  It is hard to follow your dreams, it takes hard work and sacrifice and it can be a risk.  I respect people who have followed their dreams, honestly it’s a brave thing to do.

Remember at school when you would get to see a careers officer for half an hour once a year? They did that grid questionnaire thing to ascertain what you would be.  I remember the Career Officer had a massive, and I mean fucking huge, forehead and I could only think about that.  So in the end my quiz result came out that I could be a Care Assistant, Nurse, or Receptionist.  I was utterly inspired, not.  I actually went on to college to study a pre-Nursing diploma but packed it in when I had to look at an old mans arse grapes.   The way school sets you up to be conformist, ugh.  You work for twenty or so years, you get all those material things, you get married have kids then you think ‘what the fuck man’ and you wish you could just play outside with your mates and do the things you want to do, be creative and innocent!

Thing is I wanted to be Stunt Woman but on the Isle of Man those jobs were short and I was a little lazy bastard so the physical side of things wouldn’t have worked.  But that was my dream.  I am glad I didn’t pursue that dream though as obviously being Angelina Jolie’s body double would have been terrible…

Anyway I just left my  job and I have no idea what to do next. Is it too late to join Stunt School? *and lose about 5 stone

Why do I feel like I am starting a new life at the age of 41? This really is a mid life crisis but in a good way.  Not like when I had a semi- pathetic quarter life crisis which made me consider my drinking habits because I couldn’t handle hangovers anymore because ermm the constant parties and shots and MDMA were taking their toll.  I figured I would just have to stop drinking Sambuca shots…I was gutted.  I did however go to university because of that quarter life crisis.  I packed in my job and enrolled on a degree within a week of the start of the crisis and honestly it was the best thing I could have ever done.  So crisis is good, mostly.

*signs up to the circus*

Watch this space…

#philosophy #life #drinking #midlifecrisis

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