The Fast in a Nutshell!


So I thought I would write a summary of the 6.5 day fast that I did recently in Thailand.  My previous posts looked at the colema and of the people on the fast but now I want to add how I felt during the rest of the fast, and after.  The regime is pretty full on – every hour and a half you have to do something, whether that is taking a Psyllium Husk drink, having a massage, having your colema, taking herbs (that detoxify), having your one daily carrot juice, or your one daily coconut water.  This is from 7.3am until when the last thing you do is take probiotic tablet.  This regime means that you have to hang around the retreat which I think in the end was the issue I had.  I mean there was a lovely pool and an outside library to chill in so it is not like it was a dreary prison but it is just that you are doing the same thing day after day. However; your body is going through such a transformation that you feel almost like you are suspended in a moment of time. Also one of the points of a fast is to rest the body so there was a lot of laying around reading. Often in our chaotic fast paced world we feel it is alien to simply do nothing.

Day 3 onwards your body is in ketosis and you do need to rest to help your body start repairing itself.  After day 3 I started to feel scared about what I was doing; my breath smelt like nail polish remover, I got a rash all over my body and I was having crazy vivid dreams.  But on Day 4 I started to feel this sense of calm and my skin started to clear.  My eyes became so white and I noticed that the aches and pains in my body had gone! I felt much brighter and lighter – I mean I was obviously lighter and this had such a positive impact on my entire body that it made me think just how much weight I still have to lose and of how damaging being overweight is for the body.  From Day 4 onwards my brain felt so clear and yet I felt so emotional I kept crying.  But good nice crying if that makes any sense! Like purging the mental toxins as well.

During the entire fast I wasn’t really hungry; although I was thinking about food a lot – healthy food though! I was craving pickled fish and tangy cabbage which one of the nutritionists said could have been showing that I had overgrowth of candida in my gut making me crave fermented food.  Overgrowth of candida is caused by too many antibiotics (of which I had taken a lot of in the past year because I kept feeling ill). The last 9 months for me have been pretty rough in terms of mental and physical health and I also put on a significant amount of weight and lost my interest in exercise.  I have felt like  shadow of my former self with no mojo really or any kind of feeling good about myself. I had also been craving sugar a lot and had given into that craving.

The fast made me realise that the hunger we feel when we haven’t eaten for 5 hours doesn’t always need to be fed! I learnt that my body is so magnificent and resilient – I haven’t treated it very well over the years.  During the fast I had a lot of time to think about that.  Heading into my forties is definitely the time now to bank those health credits as I realise how precious life is and how I want to feel good as I age!

On my last day I had some Reiki healing done and although I was so sceptical it was one of the most amazing experiences! I felt hands all over my body and inside my stomach even thought the healer only had her hands on the top of my head.  I felt a hand touching my ankle and knee where I had been injured in October.  I felt energy absolutely radiating in parts of my body and it was magical! The healer got rid of the toxic energy from my brain caused by antidepressants I took for 6 months and told me I had a lot of white energy flowing through my body which is a good thing apparently!

On the last day of the fast I had to have one final colema to clean me out, then I had to drink fermented probiotic drinks and then insert a probiotic solution up my bum! I was so happy it had ended as although I wasn’t hungry I did miss flavour and chewing.  My first post fast meal was some melon with papaya, then later on some broccoli soup with toasted pumpkin seeds.  The food tasted so good, almost unreal!

I really feel proud of my inner strength to have been able to do something extreme as fasting! I also now have a real interest in fasting for healing the body and of how food can be medicine.  I am about to embark on a 5 day juice fast and I want to start intermittent fasting 2 days a week – the health benefits are huge! So, I feel lucky I got the chance to find another way of looking at my body and mind, and soul!




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  1. Wow, this sounds amazing – hard work but obviously so worth it! Def would love to do this one time 🙂

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