As Strong as your Thighs

The flutter of butterflies, releasing your breath as you feel your brain replenishing with new, bright, and happy cells.  It has gone.

The moment you look back at someone you once held on a pedestal and realise that they were absolutely nothing compared to the Greatness of you.

That you got caught in their dark net, in murky waters they will always fish in;  you had no chance of escaping unscathed – it was written down somewhere that you had to go through it.

And years later you’ve grown; you were so hard on yourself, wanting to change so much; introspection overload.

But it was a useful exercise, if painful. And now you can look back and laugh, throw your head back kind of laughter.

You cringe behind your hand when you think of the heartfelt wailing as if it was the end of the world.

You thank your lucky stars too.

You are grateful.

It is okay to be the person you were before.

There wasn’t much wrong with you, you just got bent out of shape for a bit. But like your dimpled thighs that always seem to cushion, you eventually “bounced back”.

#poetry #love #relationships #laughter #silly

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