Nobody’s Watching! Everyone is Smiling!

happy face

As some of you know I am partial to a dance.  Since I changed my drinking habits, I dance differently; less of the 5am raving and more after work workouts.  I am always on the look out for dance based health and wellbeing activities.


So, last Wednesday I went along to the Museum of Happiness (absolutely amazing place, everyone has to check it out and go to one of their events) to an event organised by Nobody’s Watching – Silent Disco.

I got to the venue in Camden and as soon as I walked in I was greeted by our lovely host, Claudia, who showed me where to put my stuff, and really welcomed me in as I was slightly nervous. The other people attending were also warm and friendly it immediately put me at ease! I also got shown to the glitter corner where you can adorn yourself – obvs within 4 minutes of arriving I had glittered my face! Such a cool touch.

The room was filled with happy vibes and a happy aesthetic which made me feel uplifted.  The area where we would be dancing was gorgeous astro-turf and the room was nicely lit and at the right temperature.  There was a variety of different people which shows how accessible the event is.

We were given our headphones and shown how to use them – thankfully! The first part of the session to warm us up the host went through some dancing routines which actually made me laugh out loud (and everyone else).  We had to do a routine that involved flamenco style moves, then an old man wagging our finger, then as a young raver – to a really beautiful Spanish song.  This helped to loosen me up and to get rid of my inhibition – such a good way to break the ice.  We then had to do different moves like air guitar, brass band air trumpets, and slapping our thighs percussion as we all moved around the room.  It really helps to have the headphones on as it sort of feels a bit like protection – you’re in your bubble but in a room with other people in their bubble!

Then the main session started and we were dancing to European tunes as it was European Day! This type of music is the last thing I would listen to but honestly, it is nice to have a break from yourself (and what you like) sometimes! I especially enjoyed jumping up and down to No Limit by 2 Unlimited! The playlist was upbeat and interesting so your attention is held.  And for those tired moments where you need a little break? Well no problem, there is a ball pit with loads of cushions in a little room next to the dance floor!

I loved the event and the fact I felt childlike again.  Just letting go and being silly, jumping around and not giving one care about what you look like, is liberating.  If you are shy or have inhibitions I challenge you to go to one of these events because guaranteed you will come out of there smiling.  The combination of happy music, venue and lovely warm people is an uplifting winner.  I love the fact that there is no script, or  rules about what you have to do and it is all down to letting yourself be within your own limits.

I had gone in there feeling unwell but come out smiling from ear to ear – plus I did a really good workout.

This event would also be great for newly sober people to feel what it is like when dancing sober as I know many people have that hang up and used booze for Dutch courage.  I can’t wait to attend my next one and I hear there are some interesting venues coming up.  Also there are ways to become involved with the movement to organise your own parties with friends or work colleagues!

So yes, it is a huge thumbs up from me for a mid-week dose of uplifting happiness!





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